Welcoming The National Library of Israel
to our Museum Collection has collaborated with The National Library of Israel and the Jewish Museum to bring you authorized reproductions of ketubah culled from both museums' permanent collections.

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Going Back to the Future
The Timelessness of History

The Museum Collection features Ketubah designs adapted from original works from around the world that date as far back as the 1400's. These authorized reproductions of 600 year old Ketubahs are from the museum's permanent collection. Their timeless artwork decorates modern texts and provides a reminder of the long history and tradition behind signing the Ketubah.

The Magical Manual Touch
The Accuracy and Authenticity

As many of the original Ketubahs were found in less than perfect condition a lot of work has been put into each of the reproductions to take out imperfections and ensure accuracy. Our team of experts have color corrected the faded artwork and cleaned up the stains and creases of the originals in a way that maintains the authenticity of the design while allowing the Ketubah text to be unblemished and legible. Under the careful guidance of the museum's curator we maintain that these replicas are the most precise to the original work.

A Ketubah That Will Leave An Impression
The Meaning and Tradition

This rich collection of Ketubahs allow for a wide, comprehensive and in depth look at the Ketubah as a Jewish document, a Jewish creation and a fundamental historical source. From European to Middle Eastern to Asian, these ancient designs reflect the culture of the geographical locations where they originated. The Ketubahs in the museum collection are perfect for any couple looking for a design that is full of history, meaning and tradition.