Introducing the Luxe Collection
The Luxe Collection is an elegant new line of premium Ketubahs, now expanded to include some of our most beautiful and unique designs. From papercut ketubahs embellished with 23 Carat Gold Leaf and authentic Swarovski Crystals, to our new multi-layered papercut designs, these ketubahs are individually assembled by our artisan team. This collection makes for an elegant and beautiful addition to your wedding day, and to your life together. View LUXE Collection Ketubahs
Glistening gold leaf with Swarovski crystal embellishments

Gilded manuscripts have been a time-honored tradition for generations. The Luxe Collection takes this to a new level. Our illuminator applies the 23K paper-thin gold leaf by hand to the precision-cut and decorative papercut. Once the gold leaf is complete, the illuminator then adds sparkling Swarovski Crystals. Every crystal is precisely oriented and secured to the papercut by hand, ensuring its brilliance and longevity. The result is a stunning Ketubah that you will cherish.
Intricately layered papercuts

Your wedding is a union that celebrates the creation of something new, greater than he sum of its parts. Our new multi-layered papercuts feature ornate multi -tiered designs coming together to form a beautiful art piece. These ketubahs combine several papercuts layered one atop the other and mounted together creating an intricate weave of art and beauty, forming a perfect union.
An heirloom to last a lifetime

Whether it be a glamourous ketubah adorned with 23k gold leaf or an elegant multi layered papercut our Luxe Collection features the most opulent of Ketubah art. Each Ketubah is created from high quality, acid free paper and a select set of designs are adorned with genuine Swarovski Crystals, the world leader in sparkling crystal creations. The combination of beauty, design, illumination and longevity results in an exquisite and distinct Ketubah that is sure to be cherished for years to come.