The Luminous Collection features elegant and radiant Ketubahs that shine with metallic gold foil detailing. These stunning Ketubahs will be a beautiful addition to your wedding day. View LUMINOUS Collection Ketubahs
Luminous Ketubah
The Luminous Ketubah

The art Ketubah has long been referred to as an "Illuminated Manuscript." Illuminated manuscripts are a time-tested, centuries old art in which an important document is decorated and adorned with gold or silver accents. We aim to bring the tradition of the art form back with our Luminous Collection by adding “light” to your Ketubah with the lustrous shine of gold.
Luminous Ketubah
The Printing Process:
Foil Stamping

Gilded manuscripts have been a time-honored tradition for generations and the Luminous Collection brings it back to its roots. Foil stamping is a specialty printing method that uses heat, pressure, metal dyes and foil film. This process results in a brilliant Ketubah with a dazzling finish that will stand out on your big day and throughout the life you build together.
Luminous Ketubahs
Beautiful, long-lasting

Our Luminous Ketubahs are made with high-quality, acid-free paper. The gold foil adds a metallic flare that won’t dull over time. These elements, paired with stunning artwork, come together to create a beautiful art piece that won’t fade with time, ensuring that you will cherish your Ketubah for years to come.