Planning Checklist

Print out this timeline and use it to keep track of each wedding planning task. Ideally, you'll have completed many of the items listed below before the six-month-out mark. Remember, the earlier you book the ceremony site, reception site, photographer and caterer, the better.

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Planning Checklist

  •   Announce your engagement
  •   Set the date, choose a location and create a wedding budget
  •   Choose rabbi, cantor or wedding officiant
  •   Check with your wedding officiant about dress and Ketubah requirements

  •   Register for gifts at Ketubah Ketubah
  •   Order Yarmulkahs imprinted with the name and date of your ceremony
  •   Order personalized Benchers for after the wedding meal
  •   Order Invitations and Thank-you notes
  •   Choose the type of Chuppah you would like or think about making your own

  •   Decide on your Ketubah design
  •   Purchase a Guest Book
  •   Decide on type of decorated bride and groom chairs for dancing the Horah
  •   Finalize the details of the wedding service with your officiant

  •   Mail Invitations
  •   Obtain a marriage license
  •   Choose Gifts for bridal party
  •   Purchase Wedding bands

  •   Have final dress fitting
  •   Buy wineglass for breaking under the Chuppah

  •   Ask a friend to handle all the ritual elements of the ceremony: Ketubah, Chuppah, Kiddush cups, rings and glass for breaking
  •   Prepare to start fasting at sunrise tomorrow to purify yourselves for your new union

For the most part, Jewish wedding rings are extremely simple pieces of jewelry…A band made of a single pure metal, with no holes breaking the circle, represents the wholeness achieved through marriage and a hope for an unbroken union.
   -Anita Diamant,
   The New Jewish Wedding

To create the ceremony that you will remember for a lifetime, start reading here:

According to Jewish Law, getting married is a pretty simple affair. You merely perform the following steps: 1. Find two witnesses to verify steps two and three.
2. Have the groom present the bride with an object worth a prutah (about a dime in today’s currency). 3. Have the groom recite the following phrase: “Behold, you are consecrated unto me with this ring according to the Laws of Moses and Israel.” There you go. It’s all done. No chair covers to worry about, no gowns to cut to size, no seating plans to arrange.