More Customer Testimonials:

"Ordered ours and we should be getting it Monday!!! Very excited! I really loved the process of personalization and how it needed to be verified by both us and our Rabbi. Couldn't have asked for a better experience!"



"We love the Ketubah we ordered from your site! It was easy to navigate the website and the price ranges are great."


"The Ketubah arrived yesterday and it is absolutely STUNNING! We couldn't be happier with the decision. We would have never known how nice the canvas could be and we're so happy we went with this piece."

~Koby and Racheli

"I love! Such great customer service and fast response time. I was worried ordering such a personalized item online would feel generic and cold...they've been fabulous! Anyone needing a Ketubah for a Jewish wedding in the future should totally use them!"


"Thank you for such a beautiful Ketubah. It was displayed up at the Chuppah during my wedding this past Sunday (July 16th, 2017) and people actually came up and took pictures of it saying it was the most beautiful thing they had ever seen. I appreciate all of your help in making that possible. It truly is a beautiful piece of Judaica art."



" was an excellent company to work with. They were very helpful every step of the way. Our Ketubah is so beautiful we actually plan to display it at our wedding. I was actually referred to this company by my Rabbi however I personally highly recommend this company!"


"We loved our ketubah choice so much we had the artist design our matching wedding invitation! It looked beautiful on the day of and we can't wait to hang it in our home as a reminder of the day and our commitment to one another."

~Aliyah and Michael

"I'd highly recommend using Not only is their customer service superior, you get what you pay for. Ours came in last week and it's even better than the picture. A+ quality."


"I ordered a Ketubah from for my son's wedding...If you are having any difficulty finding EXACTLY what you need, they probably have it. I do recommend them."

~Chelle Cordero

"This company is tops with customer service. I highly recommend them."


"Thank you for helping us with our Ketubah and great consistent communication in making the Ketubah our own. The Ketubah was more beautiful in person and hangs beautifully on our wall next to our Mazel Tov Glass."



"I received my son's completed Ketubah...and once again you did a magnificient job! Thank you for customizing it just as I asked, for the prompt manner in which you return calls & the kind demeanor you have when working you customers! You are a wonderful group of people who have made each of my (2) experiences with you a pleasure."

~Jodi Rosen


" has the best variety of Ketubah. I truly think they have the better artists and most reasonable prices. There is something for everyone on their website. We bought ours about 2 1/2 years ago, hung it up after we got married and got it framed and love to look at it everyday!

~Breton & Aftron Fendelman


"Please extend our appreciation to all the kind, helpful people who worked with us. We greatly appreciate your professionalism and are elated with the outcome!"



"I just wanted to let you know we received our Ketubah and were simply amazed by the end product. We are so excited and cannot wait to share the Ketubah with our family and friends on our wedding day. Thank you for all your hard work!"



"I would definitely recommend because it was simple, affordable, and allowed for many options. We were able to browse and read the meanings of each piece of artwork right at home on the couch until we found the perfect ketubah. I highly recommend!"

~Samara & Warren


"I thought was easy to work with and the ketubah was a great quality. We were very happy with the service!" 

~Emily & Ron



"Thank you for your fast service!...Your company has been an example of the best possible service and responsiveness throughout our dealings.  You are very highly regarded by us, and we will be telling that to our Rabbi and his congregation as they admire the Ketubah at our wedding."

~ Bill & Gordon, FL


"I would be more than happy ro recommend your site! Our Ketubah was received promptly and exactly as we ordered. Very happy with your service. Thank you for being part of our wedding!"

~Roberta & Sam Gottesman



"Not only did my daughter's ketubah come in time, it was even more beautiful than the sample I saw online and I had the convenience of looking at hundreds of designs, without ever leaving my home. I always recommend this company, and will continue to do so."

~Marlene, Mother-of-a-Bride



"Highly recommend the website! There is such a variety of Ketubahs for sale. Something for every price point. After buying mine through the website, I recommended it to my brother and his wife. Beautifully done and arrived as scheduled!"

~Stacey Skrysak


Now that we have the Ketubah we just want to let you know that we're extremely pleased with it. Also, we greatly appreciated you outstanding customer service throughout this process. It was so nice to receive such timely responses to all of our e-mail inquiries."

~ Renee & Allen

"Caroline and I received our ketubah today, and all we can say is WOW!! We loved it as soon as we saw it on your website, but never did we expect for it to come out as fantastic as it did. I'll admit, I was a bit skeptical about ordering such an important document online, but throughout the entire process your entire staff was always helpful, responsive and accomodating."

~ Caroline & William


"This is quite a bit delayed- but I am on your site shopping for Ketubah for my cousin. Just want to say that we got married in October 2007and loved the Ketubah we ordered. You provided great customer service and the quality and look of the Ketubah we chose far exceeded our expectations. Thank you- it is truly a cherished part of our home now."

~ Nancy Freedman


"Thank you so much for taking extra time on our order. We truly will cherish hanging the Embracing Trees Ketubah with the appropriate text displayed in our home. The high level of customer service from you and your company has been amazing to experience!"

~ Ginger L. Grimes-Jakubowski


" I just completed the "wizard" for a ketubah and am amazed at how well you use the technology! Brilliant! I've followed your development since you first began and you are doing beautifully well. Kol ha-kavod!"

 ~ Rabbi David Mivasair


" I have worked on a number of Ketubahs for couples using your Ketubah Personalization 'wizard' is by far the easiest system I have used."

~Rabbi Weinberg, Plano, TX


"We received our Ketubah last week and it is absolutely gorgeous.  It is more beautiful then the images on the website can possibly show.  I just wanted to thank you very much for the easy ordering and beautiful Ketubah we now have to cherish forever.  Thanks!"

~Laura, North Hills, CA


"It has been 6 months since our wedding so please forgive us for the lateness of this thank you letter.  We love and treasure our ketubah.  My husband and I seriously joke that if there is a fire in our house that the ketubah is the first item we grab!  This ketubah means so much to us.  First the ketubah is exquisite to behold.  Daily I get lost in the complex colors and details of Judith Joseph's Firefly.  This beautiful artwork hangs with reverence above our bed.  Secondly, the words hold such meaning for us.  We love that we were able to customize with Spanish and English as well as use some of the principles from your existing Ketubah wordings.  Finally, we treasure that our parents and our grandparents were able to sign this important document.  Our grandparents are in their early 90s and to have such an influrential part of our history written is humbling.  We always talk and hope that our future kids and future grandkids (G-d willing) will be able to understand and appreciate the significance of our ketubah.  With heartfelt apprreciation and gratitude."

~ Danny & Fara

"Thanks so much.  I have to tell you how easy this process has been and how wonderful your customer service is..."

~Alexis, Los Angeles, CA


"I just want to let you know that the Ketubah that you prepared for Jan and John was truly beautiful.  I apreciated having the chance to preview it online for accuracy before you went final.  But more to the point, it really is a work of art.  Thanks for working with Jan and John to create a text that really was perfect for them!  I look forward to more of my couples working with you."

~Rabbi Stan Levin


"The ketubah arrived today and it is beautiful.  Thank you so very much for making the ketubah ordering/acquiring process such a pleasure."

~Teri, NY


"I've never met you in person, but you have been amazingly supportive.  I will be singing your praises to other young couples searching for ketubahs...We are so happy to have your beautiful work be part of this beautiful wedding."

~Wendy, TX


"I just wanted to write and thank you very much for your excellent customer service.  I recently placed an order for a ketubah, and when it arrived, it was not to my specifications.  It was much narrower than I thought and there was a lot of white space on the print.  I called in and spoke with Tani.  She was very courteous and insisted that there must have been a mistake.  She told me that she would have to contact the Quality Control manager and would call me back.  When I heard from her again, she said that unfortunately, the artist designed the ketubah like this, and offered to upgrade me to the Classic size when formerly I ordered the small.  It arrived in the mail today and it is gorgeous.  Thank you so much to Tani and the staff at for being so accomodating and for helping to satisfy the customer.  I am very pleased with the result and will recommend to future newlyweds."

~Shira, Baltimore, MD


"We received our ketubah earlier this week.  It looks wonderful and we are both delighted by the way it turned out.  We were especially impressed by the way your company responded to the problems we encountered with the first ketubah we selected.  You were gracious, prompt and went out of your way to ensure that our concerns would be resolved.  The true indication of a great company is not how they perform when things go well, but how they perform when problems arise. passed that test with flying colors!  We could not be happier and will recommend you to all our friends.  Thank you for a job well done!"

~Suzi & Joe, IL


"We received our Trees of Life III, Betsy Teutsch ketubah in the mail today.  It is absolutely stunning!  Pictures do not do it justice it is so beautiful!  Thank you for fast shipping and excellent customer service. :)"

~Kate, NJ


"I have found your website and your personalization process to be a wonderful experience!  Everything was so user friendly and easy to use and that was very much appreciated!  Thanks!"

~Lauren, VA


"The Ketubah is GORGEOUS!  We received it today, as scheduled and we couldn't be happier!  Our Ceremony is going to be on Thursday and we are eagerly awaiting making our Ketubah a centerpiece in that event.  THANK YOU, for taking care of us with such professionalism, and most importantly, human kindness.  We are blessed to have had the pleasure of giving you our business and plan to RAVE about you during our reception!...Many thanks again, for providing us with a piece of our lasting memory! "

~Tara & Brett, NY


"Thank you for the incredible variety you offer as well as your incredible service. With the help of amazing companies like yours, our wedding is an event that people are still talking about."

~Craig and Anya