Company Profile

The  largest  and easiest to use Ketubah gallery on the planet, features 80 leading Ketubah artists and a selection of over 750  fine art limited edition Ketubahs, many of which are not available anywhere else.  Offering a wide variety of themes, texts and customization options, utilizes state of the art technology that makes it easy for couples to tailor a Ketubah for their particular aesthetic, budget and religious preference.

And Ketubahs are not just for weddings anymore! offers anniversary Ketubahs, the perfect way to pay tribute to marriages that have stood the test of time; Parents Gifts, designed specifically to express a bride and grooms' love for their parents; or customized pieces for any occasion like Mothers Day, Father's Day, milestones, etc. was founded by Canadian Michael Shapiro, a former corporate executive who followed his dream to start a business that incorporated two of his greatest interests:  Judaism and art.  In the Spring of 1996, from his small Toronto apartment, Ketubah Ketubah ( was born – the first online Ketubah specialty store.  Never before was there a single store that focused on the creation of the Jewish marriage document and clearly, there was a need for it.  The business grew almost faster than he could keep up with it and soon became the number one Ketubah provider in the world. 

In 2006, Shapiro commissioned some of the finest Ketubah artists in the world to create works from the heart. The result is's exclusive Signature Collection, over 200 Ketubahs that are produced in-house, and offer the greatest speed and flexibility of any Ketubahs, anywhere. In May 2010, Shapiro rebranded his retail business, He has assembled an accomplished and diverse team of Ketubah experts who all fluently read and write in Hebrew, and is constantly searching to add to the collection new works from the best Ketubah artists from around the world.