The Gold Leaf Collection - Enhanced with 23K gold

An illuminated Ketubah, gilded in the traditional way, adds an elegant touch to your wedding day - and to your home together for many years to come.

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Beautiful Fine Art Ketubahs
Beautiful Fine Art Ketubahs
Modern & Traditional Designs For A Look You'll Love

Our Signature Collection offers the largest selection of limited-edition ketubahs available anywhere, so you can find a ketubah that will suit you, your wedding and your traditions.

We work with couples and officiants from every Jewish denomination, and our Signature Collection Ketubahs can incorporate the appropriate text to suit your wedding.

An Heirloom and a Masterpiece
An Heirloom and a
All of our Signature Collection Ketubahs will last a lifetime

Now, a limited number of carefully selected designs are available with the addition of archival quality gold leaf detailing. Our illuminator skillfully applies paper-thin leaves of 23K gold to the desired design elements. The gold leaf is then delicately brushed into place and pressed to perfection for generations to come.

Unique and Radiant - Just Like You
Unique and Radiant -
Just Like You
As a couple you are original, one-of-a-kind

The same goes for the Ketubahs of The Gold Leaf Collection. Each Ketubah is embellished by hand to exacting standards, yet no two are exactly alike. Why not consider a Ketubah as radiant and unique as you are? A Ketubah that will stand out on your big day and throughout the life you build together.